Nombre ____________________________________ clase __________________ fecha ____________


Mira el powerpoint:  escriban ustedes las respuestas correc tas:

1.        Why are there spaces between mosaic pieces?


2.        How is mosaic used other than for wall art?


3.       What are some traditional materials are mosaics made from other than paper?


4.       What are some “modern” materials used to make mosaics?


5.       How were  Mexico’s Aztec Indians’ mosaics different/special/unique?


6.       How  is the Spanish Artist Antoni Gaudi famous/ known for mosaics?


7.       What are some common topics /themes of the mosaic art?

Go to the following websites and answer questions:   or go to my web page (spIII tab) and click on the links to answer the following questions:


1.        What city in Spain is associated with Gaudi because of all his art there?


2.        What is la sagrada familia?


3.       What are 2 things you would see by Gaudi in the Parque Guell?


4.       What is interesting / unique about  Casa Batllo? or



5.       Gaudi was born in __________________.


6.       He studied off and on at/in ________________________, where he eventually graduated.


7.        How did Gaudi die?  (page 2, bio)


8.       What was Gaudi best known for?


9.       What did Gaudi complete in 1885?


10.   Gaudi was a religious (catholic) man.  In which of his works shows this?