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Only preterito choose this one: 2. El viaje a Madrid (Forms of the preterite)

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1.       Only Imperfecto:



2.       Pret vs. imp: the story is told in English/ Spanish: write the Spanish verbs in the story in either Preterito o Imperfecto


3.       Again, pret vs imp:



4.       Choose the verb in the Preterito o Imperfecto and check your answers to see if you are right


5.       Phrases that trigger the imperfect or preterite

When you check your answer, also see the reasoning behind the pret or imperfect choice.


6.       Take a short quiz


7.       Choose preterito o imperfecto


8.       El preterito y el imperfecto


9.       Practice quiz:


10.  Preterito y imperfecto: choose this one: 4. La vecina inoportuna (General use of both tenses in narration)

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