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0019.JPG                    ​Hola, Bienvenidos a clase de Espanol! 
Welcome! My name is Anne Gaspar.  I teach Introduction to Spanish (7th grade), Spanish I, Spanish II, and Spanish III.  I am also the Garretson Yearbook advisor.  I have been a Blue Dragon since 2006.  I attended South Dakota State University and have my teaching certification in K-12 Spanish. I will concentrate on  the 5 C's of foreign language in my classes:  Communication, Community, Culture, Connections, and Comparisons. 
Feel free to contact me with any school related questions or concerns.

Spain​'s Adria Diaz and Sara Hurtado perform at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Feb. 17th 2014.    Adria Diaz y Sara Hurtado de Espana performan a los juegos olimpicos en Sochi, Rusia el 17 de Febrero, 2014
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Palmer.jpgPalmer.jpg    Emily Palmer is the Spanish student teacher / teacher candidate at Garretson. Miss Palmer will be teaching and co-teaching with me first semester in Spanish I, II, and III class. 

Hispanic Hertiage Month:   el 15 de Septiembre - el 15 de Octubre 2013
The term Hispanic or Latino, refers to Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race.  According to this Census, 50.5 million people or 16% of the population are of Hispanic or Latino origin. This represents a significant increase from 2000, which registered the Hispanic population at 35.3 million or 13% of the total U.S. population.

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) is to  recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate the group's heritage and culture. Hispanics have had a profound and positive influence on our country. They have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multicultural customs of their community.

start learning somthing new about hispanic culture:  let's compare and contrast traditional dancing in the hispanic culture to dancing in the united states -- here in SD, or in Garretson/ our community.

traditional dancing click here:|0|-1|0|false|false|0.3131105398457584|true|-1|false|false

something to think about:

the uniqueness of the style of dancing and costumes/clothing worn in the traditional Hispanic dances

what would you tell someone from another culture/country about dancing in the united states/ south dakota?

Does our country have a "traditional" dance that is promoted to other countries? if not, why?





 Mis Estudiantes Fabulosos


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 Content Editor

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  Miss Palmer



 My Class Schedule


1st Period     8:25-9:15 Spanish II

2nd Period    9:18-10:08 Spanish I

3rd Period    10:11-11:01 Spanish II

4th Period    11:04-11:54 Prep

5th Period    11:57-12:47 Spanish III

Lunch    12:50-1:26

Channel 1    1:29-1:39

7th Period    1:42-2:32  Intro to Spansih (7th grade)

8th Period    2:35-3:25   Spanish I


 Classroom Rules

2. Students are expected to show respect for all faculty, other students, and school property.
3. Be RESPONSIBLE! Students are responsible for their assignments, textbooks, and behavior.
4. Stay on task!
5. Speak with purpose/ don’t distract when we’re dong something in class/ when someone else is talking
with purpose, be quiet and listen.
6. Display integrity.
7. ALWAYS do what you are supposed to be doing!

 Grading Scale


​A    96-100

A-   93-94

B+  93-92

B    93-92

B-   89-88

C+  87-86

C    85-84

C-   83-80

D+  79-77

D    76-74

D-   73-70

F     69 and below